Unlimited Pancakes

Remember all the conversations you've had in a diner at three in the morning? Remember how great those are? Join us as we have those late night debates, would you rathers, and any other type of conversation, ranging from the serious to the silly and all the way in between. Disclaimer: There are no pancakes.
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Oct 25, 2015

A big party, with Rheannon, Drew, Josh, Quezya, and Jeremy, where Jeremy yells a lot about food as body parts, Kidz Bop, ethics of time travel and murder, if the Kool-Aid man has friends, and whether it's worth it to see dinosaurs since you might get eaten.

Apr 22, 2015

Jeremy, Drew, and Josh come out of hiatus to welcome guest Rheannon and then debate about cursed money opportunities, bird shit cannons, helping friends with dead bodies, Pokémon handjobs, and Cosmo sex tips.

Feb 8, 2015

Jeremy, Drew, and Josh discuss sleeping, the rewind button, how obsessed people are with bacon, how to make water from urine, the eternal suffering of ghosts, and contemplate living life as Jar Jar Binks or in medieval history (not at the same time).

Jan 4, 2015

Jeremy, Drew, and Josh play the most dangerous game, discuss theme music, future science, the problem with It's a Wonderful Life, and decide that Jeremy is just the worst kind of person.